Brief moments of clarifying realization and overwhelming anxiety occur when we strip from our mundane routines all the prejudices, preordained logic and learned assumptions about the world that society presents to us. We realize just how absurd the world is when we peel back layers of surface normality and discover that nothing is to be taken for granted. The anxiety grows as I realize that we as human beings are essentially free. Most of the limitations that apparently hold us back are man-made. The capitalist agenda is to present people with a continuous need or a perpetual hunger that they must work for the rest of their lives to fill. Once we realize that all our traditions, culture, taboos, manners and etiquettes are man-made I become overwhelmed by the fact that things don’t need to be the way they are. This sort of freedom becomes a burden when the passing years taunt you and the new lines and wrinkles on your face mockingly remind you of how you have failed to capture the true essence of being alive. Most of us spend our whole lives confined in the box of societal expectations only to be buried in another box with no guarantee that the society we walked on egg shells to please had ever approved of our conduct.

– Anum Lasharie, “untitled”

Selected Works