Shadowfish is a portrayal of night-time wanderings of the mind. Placed in front of an aquarium in the dark, the figure looks outward. Glimmering, ghostly fish act as metaphors for straying thoughts amidst endless limbo, like darting shadows in water. This, after all, is the beauty of the self portrait in the age of the selfie – there is a conspiratorial quality to the bond between both versions of the artist: the sitter and the painter facing one another, shared secrets and histories finding their way into mutual creation. One self puts itself forth to be seen, while the other self is an enraptured audience. What better hour for this meeting of two selves than that of night-time, when everything is still and imbued with the quality of timelessness, and the mind wanders amongst fleeting musings and reveries.

– Khadijah Rehman, “Shadowfish”

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