It makes me sad to see it. It makes me feel worse to be a part of it. A generation obsessed with glamour and fame, so much so that the slightest amount of appreciation and hoorays result in them putting a crown on their head. I have the best face, the best body, the most expensive car, the coolest friends, the ideal life. I’m such a fun person. I love to party. I love to read? I love animals? I love the environment? You may think you know me but even I don’t know who I am. I don’t feel anything. I need to fill the void inside. I consume. I influence, you follow. I woke up like this: Always wanting more, more of everything. More money for more beauty, more money for more fame, more money for more glamour. Confused. Broken. Blind. Ungrateful. Selfish. Entitled. Indifferent. My work is inspired by the superficiality and fakeness of it all. At this point of my life I can’t seem to understand myself beyond that.

– Maham Nadeem, “Influencer”

Selected Works